Insurance Products & Solutions

BRIAN powers to build Personalised, Micro, On-Demand & Need Based insurance products in partnership with top insurance companies in India.


BRIAN Powers Life Insurance Plans specifically designed for people, families to secure financial needs in case of deaths or critical illness in the family or due to other natural calamities. Life Insurance Plan can help you and yours family to gain financial and mental security esp. at the time of distress.


BRIAN powers Non-Life Insurance with risk assessment, third party data driven insights, technology integration for customised products, claims processing and payment premium.

Co-Creating Micro /Sachet /Need Based Low Cost Insurance Products

Data Driven Dynamic Pricing & Benefits

Evolving Purchasing behaviour and changing environmental conditions enabling to build custom, need based and risk based products.

Renters Insurance – Old Age Care Insurance – Cancer Care – Baggage Insurance – Rent and Shared Living Insurance – Appliance Insurance – Credit or Lending Insurance – Startup Insurance – Single Item Insurance – Shared Economy Insurance -Software Insurance – Freelancer Insurance – Contract Insurance -Kirana Store Insurance – Retail Business Insurance – MSME Insurance – Workers Compensation Insurance – Cattle Insurance – Agri Insurance, Dengue Insurance and more.


De-Risk India.

BRIAN provides full-stack platform for Insurance distribution to sell policies, manage claims and customise products.

BRIAN provides mobile insurance platform for instant policy issuance, claims filing and premium payments with health & wellness activities.